Friday, December 11, 2015

Write for Rights

The Quinte chapter of Amnesty International set up for a "write for rights" opportunity at Bridge St UC yesterday as part of International Human Rights Day. One of the organizers is from the congregation and another is an active Roman Catholic I have known for years, but this was an event for anyone with a desire to write on behalf of those who have been imprisoned or persecuted.

At one point I walked through the room and roughly fifteen individuals were writing, quietly and intently. Our member whispered that while folk had a choice of signing postcards most were penning letters, which required more thought and time. The atmosphere was very prayerful in my estimation, and uplifting.

The Syrian family Belleville United Churches has sponsored will arrive in the community today. We know that they left Syria under threat of violence and have waited in a refugee camp in Lebanon for two years for this opportunity. As much as we look forward to welcoming the five of them, and thousands more across the country, it would have been so much better if they had been able to remain in their homeland without threat of violence.

The event yesterday and the arrival of the family today remind us of the importance of working for justice with determination and eyes wide open to the world around us.



Laura Mcclelland said...

Thoughts and prayers with your church family and the newcomer family in the days and months ahead. JYP is meeting tonight for their Christmas party and rather than any kind of gift exchange they will support the "peace plane" initiative towards plane tickets. One very young little boy responded, as we closed our eyes last Sunday, to imagine the emotions of your sponsored family boarding an airplane to Canada with "sad, they must be sad to have to leave home".

David Mundy said...

Kids get it. It's hard to imagine, isn't it? Thank Laura for support of the St. Paul's congregation.

Frank said...

Many thanks to Laura, the JYP group, and the St.Paul's congregation.
With much gratitude the family arrived safe and sound this afternoon in Belleville.

Laura Mcclelland said...

Thanks for that update Frank. This family and your congregations have been on my mind and heart. So glad Chairperson Ian (?) came and spoke to the Bay of Quinte Youth Retreat group with a tangible challenge. Awe-some work you are doing.