Thursday, December 03, 2015

Right Relationships?

I tweeted early today that I have been Pastor Pinball this week, popped around from unanticipated circumstance to circumstance.

I wanted to blog yesterday about the decision of the CBC to cut off online comments related to articles on Aboriginal issues. Sadly, the vitriol and unfettered racism of so many respondents has led the national news agency to stop what could be a worthwhile conversation. On CBC radio's Metro Morning, Jesse Wente, a First Nations person who works in programming for the TIFF Bell Light Box, lamented the ongoing reality of racism toward aboriginal peoples in this country which prides itself on its openness and acceptance.

There are times when I wonder whether our United Church commitment to reconciliation with First Nations is an overcompensation for our sad history of abuse through the Residential Schools. The United Church was involved with the schools until 1969. But I am regularly reminded that we have learned so little in this country over the decades about reciprocity and fairness. We had to have a change in federal government to agree that the deaths of so many aboriginal women is a national disgrace and that some form of inquiry is necessary.

Do you appreciate the commitment of the United Church to "right relationships" with Canada's indigenous peoples?

Were you aware of the CBCs decision  about limiting comments? How do you feel about this?

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Frank said...

I like the concept of "Right Relationships" regarding our interactions between our first nations and ourselves. I hope that this will go somewhere constructively.
As far as comments are concerned: a great idea and initiative in theory but such an unmitigated disaster in practice. Quite honestly, so many of these comments are so off the wall that I really can't be bothered to engage with them any more.