Sunday, December 20, 2015

Love Incarnate

Jean Vanier visits the residents in one of the L'Arche homes in Trosly, France.
Ian Brown is the loving father of a son who has significant physical and cognitive challenges. Brown's book about the journey of their family is called The Boy in the Moon, and has won accolades and awards.

Through the years Brown, the kinda atheist, has come to know Jean Vanier, the devout Roman Catholic and founder of the L'Arche movement. L'Arche began simply and improbably with Vanier's decision to live with two mentally challenged men. He had seen how those with mental handicaps were cast aside in society, so he put aside his goals and aspirations to simply be with these men. L'Arche is now a world-wide movement.

Yesterday the Globe and Mail newspaper published a lengthy and moving article by Ian Brown, who travelled to France to reconnect with the elderly Vanier. On this Sunday of Love in Advent, it is a fitting story of love incarnate. Have a tissue handy.

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janet.rice said...

Right on. Ian Brown's article is heartwarming.