Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All We Are Saying...

This is the International Day of Peace according to a declaration by the United Nations. Apparently this is a thirty year tradtion which is nice -- who is isn't for peace in our world? We are invited to take a minute at noon to reflect/pray for ceasefires in conflicts and peace in our troubled world. Can do, but why do? Is anyone really paying attention to this? Even peace-loving Canada is involved in a couple of wars at the moment, although we are probably done in Libya and winding down in Afghanistan.

Even though the temptation is to be cynical about these initiatives -- some would say realistic -- I will probably observe the moment. I've been thinking that I might ring the church bell as a way of acknowledging this call to peace. I will do this despite my reservations because I don't agree with the alternative. Apathy is so...apathetic!

If I choose not to participate I am saying that the world can't change, and that God has stopped calling us into the shalom which can be the game breaker for our species. I think that's why Jesus came and risked the violence that led to his death. He stood against the powers of his time and relinquished his own power to offer us a new path. The resurrection leads me on that path.

What are you feeling about this day of peace? Are you tired of hoping for a peaceful, redeemed world? Is there still room for the message of the Prince of Peace?

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IanD said...

Peace and hope have to go hand-in-hand. The alternative (as you point out) isn't too hot.