Friday, September 16, 2011

Deadline for Generosity

This is the last day for Canadians to make a financial contribution to the famine crisis in the region called the Horn of Africa so that there will be matching funds from the government of Canada. Canadians have contributed more than 35 million dollars and United Church members have given over $700,000 through their congregations. St. Paul's folk have given nearly $4,000 of that total and I'm grateful.

We gave in August but we just made another contribution through the United Church website. The vision of these suffering people disturbs me and I felt the need to do a bit more. It was easy to do and will be matched. Of course we can continue to respond but I encourage you to double the bang for your bucks before the deadline expires.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Appeal. It's heartwarming.


Nancy said...

We have given, and just gave again recently in honour of someone's birthday. Another option when you want recognize someone for a special occassion but they have all they want and need.

lionlamb said...

Excellent idea Nancy. I'm sure the recipient appreciated the gesture.