Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Perspective and Vision

It always surprises me that I can get on a plane and in a few hours travel to or from a part of the world that is so different from my daily life. Yesterday's flight from Denver to Toronto was a mere three hours, yet for the past two weeks we have explored experiences in the state of Colorado which have no parallels in Ontario.

While at my conference at the Presbyterian centre aptly called Highlands we went on a tour of adjacent Rocky Mountain National Park during a few hours of free time. The guides and drivers were volunteer Presbyterians from churches in the area. We made our way up above the tree line to the continental divide on the highest paved road in North America. To give you some perspective, Trail Ridge Road (pictured above) rises to 12,200 feet while the highest paved road in our beautiful Canadian Rockes is 7,200 feet.

Even though the drive is a tad hairy because of dizzying drop-offs, sometimes on both side of the road, the perspective at the top is glorious. In the cold, thin air we huffed and puffed up another couple of hundred feet on a walking trail and soaked in the magnificent vistas in all directions.

I hope that I have come back with a different perspective on caring for God's creation as well. I am well aware of the irony of flying thousands of kilometres on a jet to think earnestly about caring for the planet, but hearing the variety of speakers and being with people of like mind was inspiring. And I pray that I can bring some of this perspective back with me.



johnny said...

Welcome back, David. I think you have more than a few of us checking out Lonely Planet books on Colorado!

While you are marvelling at being able to fly several hours and be the other side of the continent, right now I am marvelling at Mother Earth.

I was in NYC during the hurricane for the World Police Fire Games, and to see what She can dish out is really spectacular. I know it is not spectacular for those whose homes flooded or suffered other damage....tragic may be a better word.

IanD said...

I think it's great that you are able to actively seek out spiritual stimulation, new perspectives and ways to keep the fire of your calling going, David.

We're all better off for your efforts (and of course, you win too!)