Friday, September 09, 2011

Ten Years After

What is amazing is that in that moment, there was a moment before that we saw that plane, that second plane, and there was a moment after, and it’s like two different worlds, those two moments. I mean, literally, I can feel like I can remember the exact second when the whole world changed and my life changed forever.

Audrey Marcus

Did our world become a different place after the horrific events of September 11th 2001? Most of you will remember where you where that day and what it was like to attempt to comprehend what was unfolding. Some say 911 was a turning point in modern history. Others offer that while this was a vicious act of terrorism it was given disproportionate weight because it happened in America. In this past decade there have been many other cataclysmic events which haven't received the same sustained attention.,32068,1148020094001_2092457,00.html

Perhaps those of us who have the good fortune to live in Canada and the United States have felt less secure as a result. An analysis released this week maintains that Canada alone has spent an additional 92 billion dollars on security in the past decade because of the events of September 11th. This amount includes our involvement in the war in Afghanistan. How could we ever measure the value of the lives lost in that war, or the lives of the Canadians who died in the Twin Towers?

It's likely that thousands of worship services will include some acknowlegement of 911 this coming Sunday, the tenth anniversary. St. Paul's will not be an exception, although it this will not be the focus of our worship. The question for those of us exhorted to live beyond fear by the present Christ is whether we allow our lives to be determined by the anxiety and uncertainty created by terrorism, or to seize the moment and declare our resurrection hope.

Pastorally we probably need both comfort and courage. The artist's depiction above has one tower as a candle above the smoke of destruction. Christ is our light in confusing times. Check this link for the hymn led by Paul Stookey of the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary.

What are your musings ten years later? Do you feel a greater general anxiety than you did before 911? How does your faith equip you for this fearful age and what should the church say?

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Laurie said...

I am with the side who thinks this is getting out of hand. Yes. it was awful, but so are lots of events that don't get this kind of attention. Fear is one of the greatest "Evils" It is easy to get people to do things in the name of fear. It is easy for leaders to use people, to pass idiotic laws, to spend money etc, all in the name of fear. I believe Jesus said "Fear Not"