Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Idle Thoughts

Someone wrote the automobile columnist at a major newspaper asking whether it was bad for a vehicle to be turned off in the Timmy's coffee crawl, or any other drive-through for that matter. The person with the question had heard that it is hard on the vehicle engine and starter to turn on and off repeatedly. The columnist assured him that with modern engines and ignition systems this is not a problem.

I hate drive-throughs. Whenever possible I avoid them, usually by entering the establishment or, even better, resisting temptation. I turn off my engine when I'm in a line of vehicles waiting to be waved through at a construction site. I switch off when I'm waiting for someone, even in the cold of winter, turning the engine back on when I get chilly. The thought of adding to global climate change because I have a hankering for a Dutchie makes me queasy. Does it make a difference? It does for my mental wellbeing if nothing else.

Sometimes I'm a legalist about certain Earth care practices and a terrible sinner with others. Why, I'm not sure. The quirkiness of being human, perhaps. I do what I can because I am motivated by my Christian faith, and a desire for a better world. I'll still make the effort and someday I might get it more right than wrong.

How about you? Are there choices you make that you are proud of in terms of Earth care while embarrassed about others?


IanD said...

Good to know I'm not the only 'crazy' who does this!

johnny said...

Same here! I've written to certain establishments suggesting an end to drive-thrus, but as you can expect, I did not get a response.

lionlamb said...

Thanks guys. Shall we meet at Tim's and chat about this some more?