Friday, September 23, 2011

Ride Your Bike Sunday

After years of discussion we finally have a bike rack at St. Paul's. Hey, anyone involved in a congregation with a democratic decision-making process knows that nothing happens in a hurry!

Not only do we have a bike rack, we have designated Sunday as Ride Your Bike To Church Sunday. The forecast for Sunday is the best of the next few days, so we hope our cyclists will take up the challenge. We are in Creation Time in the church year and riding bicycles on Sunday can be a symbolic statement about reducing carbon emissions, not to mention promoting a healthy activity.

Bowmanville is not a bike friendly community and Clarington region isn't either, despite some wonderful scenery to the north. Ruth and I worked in two or three morning rides a week during the summer and while we loved the view, neither the roads nor the car drivers are sympathetic to cyclists.Why didn't someone think of a modest bike lane along highway 2 to Newcastle when the roadway was resurfaced?

We notice that in Quebec there are bike lanes everywhere, and the cyclists to use them. The same is true in Colorado where we recently spent time. Apparently if you build them, they will come.

Do you think Jesus and the disciples would have taken to bicycles if they had been available? Too challenging in tunics maybe? Do you ride a bicycle? Will you ride to church? What do you think of this initiative?


johnny said...

That's great about the bike racks, I was getting tired taking my bike up the steps, and had a few glares when I chained my bike to the pew.

Yeah, I bike a lot around B'ville, and sometimes motorists do not leave much between you and them as they drive by.

Jesus on a bike? I can see it.

IanD said...

Big time chafing, what with bikes and tunics coming together like that.

I used to gun it all over B-ville on the 2 wheeler. Long may we ride!

janet.rice said...

Great initiative on several levels. I had been looking forward to biking to church, but alas we are away this weekend. Hope you have lots of participants.

Deborah Laforet said...

Finally a bike rack! I love to ride my bike, but I think my ride to Bowmanville would take more than a Sunday morning.

I hope there was a good turnout.