Friday, September 02, 2011

Seven Pillars of Creation

One of the presenters and worship leaders at this conference is Dr. William Brown, an Old Testament theologian. Last year I attended a conference in New Mexico, and the guy I hiked with early in the morning (as well as sharing a bathroom) mentioned Bill Brown, a theologian from his church. At the time I was reading Dr. Brown's book, The Seven Pillars of Creation, which is about the interface between modern science and seven key creation texts found in the Hebrew scriptures. His Bill and my Dr. Brown turned out to be one and the same.

Okay, I can hear you snoring all the way from Colorado! The book is brilliant though, and I look forward to meeting Dr. Brown. And of course it will be in the beautiful setting of the Rocky Mountains. What's not to like?


IanD said...

Keep throwing it in our face, man. We need it.

johnny said...

That was Ian snoring, not me.

IanD said...

Hey now ... !

lionlamb said...

Now boys!...Turns out Dr. Brown was thoughtful, gracious, open. It was a pleasure to listen to him and chat with him.

Thanks guys.