Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Boo-boo-less Picnic?

We are trusting that no bears appear at our outdoor service today, that no pic-a-nic baskets are stolen, and no major boo-boos occur. Some of you are old enough to remember Yogi the Bear, his sidekick Booboo and their relentless and hapless search for food.

There will be plenty of food today I'm sure, and that the time together breaking bread and shoveling in macaroni salad will be as important as the worship. Our Hospitality Team is remarkably well organized for this event and the weather appears to be cooperating. There is something about gathering as God's people outside that is holy without it getting holier-than-thou. And of course picnics were important to Jesus, and the last meal we read about in scripture is the shore breakfast he has with his disciples at the edge of a lake.

Let's pray that we experience Christ's presence today, and that there is pleasure and joy in our shared meal.

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