Friday, June 05, 2015

World Environment Day...Again

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This is World Environment Day and I wonder immediately if this is just another blah, blah, blah occasion to talk about the state of the earth and do nothing. The UN website has a visually appealing, well produced video which seems more like eye candy that anything substantive. I sound rather cynical, don't I?

Of course cynicism is the shadow side of idealism. As a Christian I am passionate about both Creator and Creation. I do find it discouraging that our federal government is so incredibly disinterested in any kind of systemic environmental program for this country. The "greenwash" of the feds angers me almost daily. And I am regularly startled by the number of conservative Christians who are downright malevolent about addressing threats to the wellbeing of our earthly home. I went to hear climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe in March and she was excellent. But as an evangelical Christian living in Texas she is under constant, vicious attack, mainly by supposed Christians.

Today I find hope in the papal encyclical soon to be released by the Vatican and Pope Francis. It will be a starting point for a deeper conversation about environmental care. I also pray that the climate conference which will take place later this year in Paris will make a difference, that eyes are opened and ears will hear in ways that will heal an overburdened planet and give hope to future generations.



roger said...

I agree that it can be frustrating to see governments waffling over environmental issues. Waiting for governments to do the right thing regarding the state of our planet seems to be futile.

In the meantime, as individuals, there is so much more we can be doing! Yes, the governments need to start acting, but what about the countless people who idle their cars for way too long before heading to work? What about Drive-Thru's? Or my personal favourite....people throwing cigarette butts on the ground(I love it when they toss it out their car window).

The majority of people, when asked, will tell you they care about the environment and worry about it's future. I really wonder. Until people wake up and start doing more themselves, any actions the governments take will only be a small part of the solution.

I know the members of my household think I'm obsessed with recycling and not using toxins in the garden, but I don't make any apologies for it. When I walk by a garbage can and see nothing but pop cans and water bottles, I realize far too many people just don't care.

Judy McKnight said...

Roger is right - too many people don't care ... probably because we don't see any long term effects of the damage - we see bits and pieces each year ... my condo complex is fighting to get green boxes, for heaven's sake ! How much less garbage would we be producing with a green box?????

Frank said...

In addition to the previous comments posted here, the looming carbon bubble (both environmentally and financially) is of concern.
Trying to use public transit or cycling whenever possible is another way we can, as individuals, contribute, in addition to simply choosing not to drive our vehicles as often during free time. Whatever we can do to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels is important.