Saturday, June 06, 2015

God Was Present

On Thursday four guys got in a vehicle and drove to a country cemetery for a few minutes at a graveside. One of the four needed some time at the grave of his son who died tragically a few weeks ago. There were so many people around the grave the day of the funeral he felt unsettled and decided he needed to return to pay his respects and reflect.  

The other three men included me, an ordained ministry, a physician, and a retired vice-president from a large corporation. The man we were there to support lives modestly on a small pension in a little apartment. Our lives have been very different in some ways but it was important that the three of us were there to support someone we have all come to know and like.

I thought the trip and the moments in the cemetery were the best of church.  I did speak and read scripture and pray. The moment was more than the "God talk" though. We were four men who have come to know one another through our meal ministries and the worship life of Bridge St. congregation. Our credentials didn't matter, or perceived social status.It was meaningful for all of us, and I am convinced God was present.


Judy McKnight said...

Where two or three are gathered...especially in support and Christian caring....

Judy McKnight said...

PS - that is such thoughtful and caring pastoral care, David - thanks !