Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Triumph of Forgiveness

This morning I'll be talking about David the shepherd boy who became king. Even though he begins as what scholar Robert Alter calls a "male Cinderella" who loves God, it seems as though the more power he receives, the more arrogant he becomes, and the farther he drifts from God and his true self.

On Ash Wednesday we read Psalm 51 in which David pleads for God's forgiveness, acknowledging his sinfulness and seeking a "clean heart."

Seeking forgiveness and being reconciled are both elusive and powerful. The past couple of days forgiveness has dominated the media as the families of the senseless shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina, stood in the courtroom where the murderer of their loved ones was arraigned. Rather than heaping anger on this hateful young man they rose to offer him forgiveness and ask for God's mercy.

Of course he will be tried for his alleged crimes and we're told that he has already confessed to the shootings. In so many respects though, love has already triumphed as these Christian men and women respond with forgiveness.

Thank God for their powerful witness.


Judy McKnight said...

There is no doubt that the young man was /is hate-filled... and he almost didn't commit the horrible crime - there may still be hope for him to see the Light ... but he did not learn this attitude of hate in a vacuum...prayers for tolerance are a priority for our messed-up world

roger said...

I'm pretty sure I would not have the strength to find forgiveness as these truly amazing people have. I would more likely want to leap over the bench in court and grab him by the throat. I won't continue with what would happen next. Hey, just being honest...