Sunday, June 07, 2015

Social Capital

In today's worship bulletin our administrator Carol has included thanks to the Bridge St bell-ringers and the choir for visits to different seniors' facilities this past week. Both were well organized thanks to our music minister, Terry, and the residents loved these musical outreach events.

The same evening the choir went to Quinte Gardens I was at the Quinte Living Centre, a downtown residence owned by Bridge St congregation. It has provided accommodation with reasonable rent for nearly 35 years, and at the annual meeting Wednesday several residents offered appreciation for the well-run facility which is their home.

I thought afterward about the importance of all of this in Belleville, the tremendous amount of "social capital" infused into the community through our congregation and many others. We talk a lot about the need for investment in infrastructure in towns and cities. But what about the intangibles that various fading organizations offer, including churches?

As congregations shrink and disappear will people begin to notice the loss of these often quiet efforts to support and encourage others? We certainly don't proselytize in these efforts, yet we do believe that this is gospel work. Of course much of the music is overtly Christian and brings a message of hope.

Perhaps other organizations will take up the torch of nurturing community in the way congregations have for so long. I wonder.


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