Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sweet Nothings to the Trees

Let everything that has breath praise the LordPsalm 150:6

Do you remember the flurry of earnest interest in talking to plants to make them grow thirty years ago? It was crazy. "Experts" went on television, books were written, eventually we were told that there is no conclusive evidence. That was a shocker.

Still, who's to say that plants and trees do not have some form of intelligence? I grew up being told that other animals did not have emotions or even pain sensors the way humans do. Even though we knew from our pets that they have personalities and preferences and could express emotion, it took us a long time to concede what was obvious. We develop philosophical and spiritual constructs that suit our purposes.

But what if all God's creatures have some form of sentience, a response to the world around them? What if every living thing does praise the Creator in some form?

There is an article in the LA Times Review of Books which invites us to reconsider our bias toward humans and other animals over vegetative life. It is a bit heavy, but intriguing

It got me thinking about all this, and how I might at least be more aware of the interconnectedness of all that God has made. If we all did, would be "live with respect in Creation" in ways that actually made a difference.

Gotta run and whisper sweet nothings to a tree! And maybe I will abandon doing violence to my lawn with that terrible mower...nah.


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Judy McKnight said...

I think the goal of talking to plants and animals is to change the attitude of the human and make him/her more conscious of the "other"