Friday, June 12, 2015

Make Your Day Harder...and Better...

I listened to a doctor speak on CBC radio yesterday about an initiative called Make Your Day Harder. Dr. Mike Evans and others are encouraging us to do all the little things in our days to make us more active and therefore more healthy. We might actually choose a parking spot farther away from our destination or take the stairs or go for a brief walk during the day rather than sitting at our desks. It sounds simple, yet is so important. He points out that while going to the gym is good, we need to build healthy activity into the rhythms of each day.

I agree. For some reason we figure a mechanized form of virtually every task is better. Why cycle when we can drive? Why use a broom when we can fire up a gas-powered leaf blower? I have a neighbour in his forties who uses the blower on his short sidewalk. Why?

Not long ago I received a workbook from a publisher on a Christian program called Godfit: Through Love Serve. I actually like the categories which include Solitude, Meditation, Prayer, and Simplicity in conjunction with a program for physical fitness. Good for Mike Hayden in this attempt to integrate spiritual and physical health. I know I do better spiritually when I am physically active.

Maybe I'll leave my computer and take a quick walk around the block!

What do you think about Make Your Day Harder? Does Godfit intrigue you? Do you make the effort to be active?

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