Thursday, January 03, 2008

Stellar Hockey Play

Andrew Ference is a defenceman for the Boston Bruins in the N.H.L If you haven't heard of him its because he isn't a star but he is good enough to play in the world's best shinny league. I think he has made a stellar choice to work with the Suzuki Foundation to go "carbon neutral." He cares enough about the planet to figure out how to neutralize the effects of his flights from one major league city to another. He will contribute money to "carbon offset" projects to make this a reality.

A couple of weeks ago Ference was interviewed on Hockey Night in Canada about this initiative. He was articulate, informed, and obviously committed to the cause. He is recruiting other players to do the same. The day may come when N.H.L. teams do this on behalf of their players.

In a strange twist Don Cherry, hockey hoser extraordinaire deemed this interview "disgusting" and having nothing to do with hockey. This from someone who uses his air time to promote whatever unrelated project or peeve he is espousing at the moment.

While our son Isaac was home at Christmas we talked about our flights to various places and the need to start acting responsibly when it comes to offsets. We figure it is one thing we can do as Christians to minimize our ecological footprint.

See the interview on Youtube

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