Sunday, January 06, 2008

Faith, One Button at a Time

I thought worship went well this morning but the most meaningful moment came outside of the sanctuary before it all began. I walked by the choir room and saw a five -year-old with a grandfather leaning over him. The two of them were talking and the grandad was doing up a button on the sleeve of the little guy. They are not related, although the grandfather has six grandkids of his own, so he is a seasoned veteran. This scene touched me because it was so simple and so indicative of the value of Christian community.

Before Christmas I saw one of our seniors in hospital, someone who has no children or grandchildren. Did he want to talk about his health? Not really. He and his wife spoke enthusiastically about how well the children had done during the White Gift Service. It was as though they were speaking about their own family members.

After Christmas a mother emailed me and kindly thanked me for the services of the season. She said her daughters had benefitted from their involvement in the Living Nativity and the Junior Choir.

Faith takes root in the simplest ways. We need each other and grow with each other and are rejuvenated by each other. What a gift! Becoming Christian may involve a dramatic conversion moment, but it also happens one button at a time.

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