Friday, January 18, 2008

Blessings and Thanks

Did you know that St. Anthony is the patron saint of agriculture? I didn't either until I saw the film footage yesterday of farm animals being blessed in Vatican City. January 17th is St. Anthony's feast day. A rather happy looking cardinal blessed the creatures who had been trucked in for the occasion.

On Wednesday evening we received the decidedly sad news that Jim, our last farmer at St. Paul's, would no longer be bringing the donkey and goats and sheep to our annual Living Nativity. He stated that he was getting too old and so was Cricket the donkey. Jim has done this for more than 25 years and Cricket has logged 20+. We won't talk about what happened to the goats and the sheep!

What a lovely gift to our congregation and community through the years. It's always interesting to see the children make a bee-line for the animals after each Living Nativity performance. Their enchantment is part of the "holy moment" as we honour God's incarnation in Christ.

Thank you, Jim, for the many faithful years and to Cricket and to Goat and Sheep 1, 2, 3....
God's blessing and St. Anthony's too.


Nancy said...

It has been a lovely gift and hopefully we will be able to find a donkey or two who will attend our Living Nativity in the future. They really were a part of the service. Although Jim may be the last animal farmer in our midst, I do believe there is an apple farmer or two at St. Paul's.

Lynnof60 said...

How about a dog or cat???

lionlamb said...

I love my cat but I am convinced he would not carry Mary or anyone else from Nazareth to Bethlehem!