Wednesday, November 03, 2021

The United Church is Singing!...soon


Then Let Us Sing!...maybe!...someday!....depending on who you talk to!.

The United Church of Canada has let us know about an initiative called Then Let Us Sing which will bring together musical resources for our denomination in an unprecedented way along with encouraging hymn and chorus writing. This will be what is desribed as a portal to existing musical resources and those which are being written and developed.

It may seem that the timing is a little off given that many congregations have just returned to in-person worship and lots of them aren't singing yet. The news release suggests a running start for this project with a launch date ot three years from now. I should mention that our congregation, Trenton United, resumed in-person worship at the end of May and decided to allow singing behind our masks. As odd as it seemed at first it was so meaningful to bring words and melody together as acts of individual and corporate praise. Yes, we were worshipping when we weren't allowed to sing, but this was so liberating.

In a Groundling blog back in January I wondered why there are so few hymns which praise the season of winter and two of you offered thoughtful ideas about possible music. Perhaps I should attempt to come up with a couple of verses as a response to the Then Let Us Sing initiative. Here is the info blurb to inspire all of you. 

Then Let Us Sing! is a new online musical portal, available in the fall of 2024. It will contain most of the pieces you’ve come to love from Voices UnitedMore Voices, and Nos voix unies, plus a growing collection of NEW music. This digital platform will provide copyright cleared to all available hymns for print, projection, and streaming.

This resource is an investment in the faith formation and spiritual health of our United Church. It will provide adaptable tools to worship and music leaders, strengthen our ecumenical relationships, and introduce new music regularly to make this a living resource.

Here is the website

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